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Terms & Conditions

Each year Local Toddler undertakes various outings to supplement the child’s education. By signing this form, you give your permission that your child may participate in these outings. By means of circular letters you will be informed of outings that are planned when they will take place and what they entail.

Should you decide that you do not want your child to be part of a particular outing, then the reply slip which accompanies the relevant circular letter needs to be completed and returned to the school.

Although the staff take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of your child, the parents/guardian of the relevant child hereby indemnifies the school, it’s
employees and officials against any damage or other loss suffered by any person because of any action by the child.

Further, the parents/guardian of the child indemnifies the school. It’s employees and officials against any responsibility of any nature at all, as a result of any injury or
illness that the child may occur during his/her normal school attendance, attendance of the After Care Facility, as well as any outings as set out above, in which he/she
may participate.

Permission is hereby given for my enrolled child’s photo to be used on social media.


School will officially start at 7:00 and end at 17:00. However, there will be a teacher on duty as from 06:45. Please note that your child must be fetched promptly at 17:00, we give lenience up to 17:15. A penalty fee of R150 will be paid for every 15 minutes you are late.

I/We as parents /guardian of the learner hereby agree to pay the school fees in full and in advance, by the 7th of each month for eleven months.

Daily fees will be charged in December.

I hereby undertake to pay, in advance (by the 7th of the month) the fees as prescribed. If I fail to pay said fees on demand, I shall become liable for the legal costs of collecting such outstanding fees as well as a legal administration fee.