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About Local Toddler

Our preschool is a place where they can enjoy a friendly, happy and nurturing environment that allows them to explore their creativity, while each day they learn something new. We make every day spent at Local Toddler pre-primary a day in which your child learns new things through new experiences in a way that inspires them while also capturing their interest.

Our mission is to provide each of our preschool students with a semi-structured educational programme set in a safe environment. Our curriculum at our preschool is focused on academic and social development to set a sound foundation for each child. We commit ourselves to providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child in our care so that they can develop and grow.

Our aim is to help each child reach their full potential in all ways including spiritually, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Through holistic means, we build up each child so that they have a healthy confidence in themselves and a healthy self-image. Our mission also includes working with parents to ensure that they understand the programmes that we have developed, and how these programmes will benefit their children.

We do encourage parents to be involved in the education of their children to boost their learning experience and self-confidence.

What we offer :
– Qualified and experienced Teachers
– Stimulating daily programme
– Child centred education and equipment
– Extra- mural activities
– English
– Ages 2 years to 5 years old
– Times : 07h00 to 17h00
– Full day or Half day options are available

Banking Details:
ABSA Acc nr: 4093228877
Current Account
Branch code: 632005
Local Toddler
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Terms and Conditions

A copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunization certificate must be submitted to your child’s teacher on / or before the first day the child is attending the Local Toddler Pre-Primary School.

Cancellation Agreement:
Cancellation of a child’s enrolment at the Local Toddler Pre-Primary School can only be done with one month’s notice. All outstanding fees are payable including the last month’s fees. After 30 September; a 3-month notice is required. Children will not be eligible for class placements if the December school fees are not paid on / or before the 1st of December of every school year.

School Quaters:
The school terms of the Local Toddler Pre-Primary School is aligned with the school terms for the public school as provided for by the Department of Education. The school will be closed during public holidays and single school holidays. There are approximately 4 (four) individual school holidays annually. These holidays are usually adjacent to a public holiday weekend. Parents will be informed of these days in advance. Local Toddler closes annually approximately on the 2nd of December and re-opens again in January in accordance to public schools. closes every year early December.

Registration Fees:
Registration fee payable on a yearly basis. Registration fees are payable upon acceptance of an application to secure an enrolment for a toddler. The registration fee is non-refundable, and should the child not be enrolled at the school, the registration of the school fee will be forfeited.

All classes have different arrangements. Please make an arrangement with the specific class teacher prior to the child’s birthday celebration.

Local Toddler Pre-Primary School provides healthy food 4 (four) times per day and meals is included in the toddler’s school fees.

Local Toddler Pre-Primary School friendly requests that all toddlers stay at home when they are sick. Please inform the teacher in case your child is not coming to school and what their condition is. Children that starts feeling unwell at school must be picked up from the school as soon as reasonably possible.

The toddler’s formal educational program starts at 08h00. Kindly try to have your child at school on time. Children must be guarded and guided to their class teacher upon arrival at the school.

Dress Code & Toys
Comfortable clothes and shoes to be worn by your child. Your child may bring his own balls, however, no other personal toys are allowed at school.

Code of Conduct:
Local Toddler Pre-Primary School has a code of conduct and it is available from the office upon request.

Local Toddler Closed Circuit Television:
A closed circuit TV is installed in every class. Recordings are the property of Local toddler and will be kept for 5 (five) days.

Extra-Mural Activities & Educational Services:
Educational services such as labour, speech and physiotherapy are available by arrangement on site suitable with school curriculum.

At Local Toddler security is a very high priority. If any person other than that indicated on the application form comes to pick up a child, a WhatsApp photo must be sent to the class teacher by the person concerned. Local Toddler has an alarm system linked to a response unit, with a panic facility. We want to ensure that your child is safely picked up and dropped off in the morning and afternoon. The child has to be signed in and out at school on the registers in the foyer.

No unfair discrimination will be allowed against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, ethnic and social origin, colour, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language etcetera. Although there is no legal obligation to disclose any sub-clinical or chronic health status, Local Toddler will recommend the confidential disclose of such information, to the principal. This will enable Local Toddler to handle any incident appropriately. This information will be handled with the highest confidentiality by Local Toddler and won’t lead to any form of discrimination. Local Toddler will however have to be granted written permission to disclose such information to parties directly involved in a serious, emergency incident, where the health of your child is relevant and important for the well-being of the other party.

Local Toddler follows a formal curriculum aimed at helping your child reach his / her full potential, and be ready for school. A comprehensive term or progress report is provided to each child, who also points out any specific areas where your child may need extra help.

School Fees:
Please refer to our school fees page. The terms of the school fee payments are also seen as part of these signed Terms and Conditions.

Child Safety:
Local Toddler’s staff and owners do everything within their power to keep your child safe, and tach particular importance to it. There are staff at all times who have emergency and fire-fighting training, should any incident occur; despite good care.