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Henriette Grobler


Henriette is an energetic, friendly and well balanced leader. She believes in creating a healthy and positive environment for both the child and teacher alike. She possesses an exceptional insight into a young child’s psyche which enable her to foresee your child’s developing journey.

She believes that development can only happen when a child is emotionally looked after and strongly believe in open communication channels. She is completely committed to managing Local Toddler at an exceptionally high level of ethics and professionalism.



Leonie graduated from the University of The Free State with a Degree in human social sciences with special focus on psychology, criminology and sociology. She is currently a final year post graduate student doing her Honours in Psychological Counselling through Unisa.

She is passionate about working with kids and ensuring that they are taught and nurtured in a way that encourages them to develop and to reach their full potential.

Twane Grobler

Director / Teacher

Twane graduated from the North West University with a Bcom degree. She is a cheerful and outgoing person and will always brighten up your day with her friendly smile and positive attitude towards life. She is passionate about children and believes that building a strong foundation for children from a young age is of great importance.

Twane is a fair person with strong moral principles and leadership qualities. She has a warm and caring heart with compassion towards children. In the classroom she uses both practical and theoretical knowledge to ensure that the children will develop to their full potential.

Barbara Lajabu


I am an enthusiastic, passionate and a hardworking teacher. Committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and well being of children. If different abilities to reach their full potential.


Teachers Assistant

Lebogang loves to be surrounded with children and is very eager and passionate to work with them. She is a very loving and kind person. Lebogang is a lady who will walk the extra mile for every toddler. She is a friendly person and is very eager to learn something new every day. Working with children has taught her to show love and care for them every day. She also has endurance for children because they bring more joy in life.


Teachers Assistant

Ruth is a loving and compassionate young lady who loves working with children. She is currently completing her Diploma in Early Childhood Development. She is very passionate, and soft spoken, but a perfectionist at heart. She is also looking forward to Starting her Bachelor’s Degree in Education through Unisa.


Teachers Assistant

I am a friendly, outgoing and very patient person who adores and love children. I worked at a aftercare with children from gr R to Gr 7. Children are my passion and my goal is to help create strong and confidant children that can take care of themselves in the world. Kindness to children is one of my motto’s in life. We have to look after our children and nurture them to become the great people they were destined to be

Teresa de Villiers


I am a trustworthy, honest and humble person. I am very ambitious and driven as well as passionate about my work at Local Toddler. I am respectful and responsible, I might describe me as helpful, sincere and very supportive. I am a very friendly person, outgoing and energetic, just the right type of personality to work with littler children. My future aspiration is to work hard and become a teacher and to make a difference in every child’s life who cross my path.

Jane Mathetja


I love working with children and preparing food for them, which I do with love. I am passionate about feeding children, and see to it that they are well fed with A nutritious diet, and Local Toddler gave me a opportunity to live my dream.

Rachel Rassesemola


I am a very hard worker, and a loving and caring person. I adore children and love working with them. They add value and love to my life. I am doing my work everyday with passion and love, and I am grateful for everything in life.

Johannes Selaelo


I am a hard working, self employed handyman, gardener, painter, roof doctor, name it, I can do it. I am more than willing to do anything, therefore I have found my niche at Local Toddler, where I can live My life, get the opportunity to live my life, use my own initiative. I am not only Local Toddler’s handyman, I am the overall handyman.